Stark firm pllc


Capital markets activity around the world is picking up. This brings new opportunities for companies and sovereigns alike and also new challenges. As investors return to the capital markets, they must consider increasingly innovative and complex financing solutions. They require greater covenant protection and new levels of transparency and disclosure.

Lawyers and capital markets participants must be smarter and more efficient than ever–constantly adapting to market changes, interpreting the many layers of regulations and understanding what investors are looking for in an evolving environment. Clients choose us for our ability to navigate every complexity of the evolving markets and products and to efficiently advise on any type of transaction. They rely on our history of giving groundbreaking capital markets advice in mature and growth markets and for our solid experience.

Our advice covers the whole financing life cycle and draws from our vast background and experience in banking, capital markets, financial restructuring and insolvency, regulatory and disputes, including:

  • All forms of capital-raising;
  • Intricate, cross-border financing;
  • Strategies for acquisitions, reorganization restructurings;
  • Regulatory matters in key markets;
  • All forms of structured financing and innovative funding solutions; and
  • Fund formation